Good News Or Poor Information – And The Distinction Is?

Ever had anyone give you poor news? How about superior information? What’s the big difference or is there a difference?

Very good information – stuff or info that helps make us pleased, written content, reassured, safe and validated.

Terrible news – the reverse.

So, it would appear that there is a difference among superior and terrible information – read on.

Have you at any time gotten terrible information but in the close things turned out perfectly or greater than you anticipated? Have you ever gained superior news and around time what you considered was great information ended up becoming not so superior?

From particular expertise I can notify you that I have knowledgeable all four –

Fantastic news that was excellent.

Terrible news that was undesirable.

Fantastic news that I believed was superior but finished up currently being terrible.

Bad information that I assumed was undesirable and ended up currently being excellent.

Baffled however? Well I know that above time I was typically puzzled about the variance involving these two evident opposite messages. But then I discovered that occasionally terrible news for a single man or woman can be perceived as excellent information for another person else and that great news to a person man or woman about time can be perceived as negative.

Puzzled? Let me explain.

In the close it can be just news and what helps make it negative or excellent or even neutral is not the information alone but how we perceive it, choose it, consider it or react for the reason that of it.

How can an individual understand terrible news as great you may possibly request? Or the reverse, how could another person perceive fantastic information as lousy?

In brief – every single of us has a exclusive record, experiences, beliefs and values and as a result none of us at any time see the similar detail or circumstance in the exact same way.

Someone who is a worrier, negative, pessimistic or impatient may see a delay as lousy when one more man or woman who understands the idea of there are issues we can manage and there are points we cannot handle so why get all upset about a little something you cannot regulate or if you can control it get active.

In the stop almost everything that occurs – just transpires and what we do is interpret it all based on our expectations, ambitions, demands or mindsets and all of these are exclusive for just about every of us.

Allow me give you a few of personalized examples. And if you will take into account the clarification even nevertheless you may well not have experienced accurately the identical instances, if you will feel about it I will be you can relate.

Prior to staring my speaking and teaching profession I was a countrywide gross sales manager for an worldwide business. Extended story but the quick facet is I had an situation with my boss, the president and as a result he fired me. Undesirable news, right? Well that was all I needed to determine it was time to begin a job that has lasted in excess of forty yrs and has authorized me to see the entire world (25 countries to day) and work with some great purchasers and audiences. So in the end this lousy news was seriously good news.

Here’s one more speedy just one.

Several years ago I proposed to my wife and she reported indeed. Superior news proper?
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(No judgments right here remember to). Properly more than time just after undertaking my finest for additional than fifteen many years I resolved that it was time to conclusion it and why? Perfectly, without the gruesome specifics, the relationship was step by step eroding my self-esteem, self-confidence and optimistic mentality and I determined that I did not like who I was becoming in that marriage. We parted, amicably – but we parted. Superior information as I was ready – about time – to get back all I experienced lost – emotionally and spiritually.

We all have our tales and we all can build lists of superior news and lousy news we have gained but in the end it really is all just news.

Throughout some of my company plans I share this uncomplicated notion – prevent inquiring your workforce for fantastic information or lousy news – just request them for the news and then you choose which it is. Due to the fact their definition could be totally distinctive than yours.

And vice versa – as an executive or supervisor do not broadcast – I have some superior or lousy information – just tell your workforce you’ve got acquired some information and permit each and every of them interpret it as they see healthy dependent on their personalized viewpoints, attitudes, mindsets, experience, expectations and how it might effect them individually.

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