Poor Man, Rich Man – The Saga of Happiness Or Unhappiness – Which Way Do You Want to Go?

Whether you are poor, rich or in between, you are made of the same physical stuff and basically of the same intellect we all have in common. We have the same aspirations, needs, wants, feelings and dreams. In theory – looks apart – we are all the same, barring the personality traits, which are almost always somewhat different from individual to individual. There is another factor that makes us different from one another: that’s how rich or how poor we are, depending of the amount of money we own. But in the end regardless of our economic status, we have one thing all mankind has in common: the need for love!

Imagine you were one of the richest men or women in the world, and you had an incredibly huge and beautiful mansion; you had the more expensive and desirable cars ever made, and you could buy anything you wanted without a blink of your eyes; imagine also that all the love partners you picked, ended up leaving you after a while. Could you say honestly that you were happy? – I can answer that for you, and the answer will be NO. – You’re not happy. Do you want to know why you’re not happy? Because even all the gold in Fort Knox would not BUY you love!

Sure you would be able to have just about any woman or any man that you wished to have. But only for a while. Don’t forget that. Human beings are weak and they are ambitious. Every one of them. There isn’t a person alive that doesn’t have at least some ambition. Of course you would have days when you would be happy, enjoying the company and lavishly beautiful body of your partner. But that would be only a temporary situation, for that person would sooner or later invariably leave you in the end and run to someone else they had loved or who they had met later and fallen in love with. They would do that, believe me, and they would do it without a second thought or regret.

You see, love is an absolute need for every person. Without it, there can be no true happiness. And I’m not saying that because you’re rich you’re not going to be loved by anybody. What I’m saying is that you can’t BUY love, for love is a feeling and feelings cannot be bought. They have to happen spontaneously triggered buy physical looks, emotions, compatibility, and reciprocity. Love can only be had for free. Life would be chaotic and most certainly miserable for all those of us who were not millionaires. Being rich alone would not do it, because the millionaires would buy our loved ones and take them away right from our arms. It would be more or less like a huge auction: whoever paid the most, would get the ‘merchandise’. Now that would be awful, wouldn’t it?

What would you rather be, a poor man or a rich man (or woman)? That would obviously depend whether love could be bought or not, right?
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If you were poor, you’d be surely out of luck. – I can never forget a movie I watched long time ago, in which a millionaire, and a good looking one too, offered a million dollars to spend a night with a married woman, who was in love with a young, poor man. The couple decided to take him up on the offer, judging that it would be only one night and besides, it wouldn’t be for love. Boy, did they regret that! It almost cost them a lifetime of happiness. Luckily for everyone, the young couple managed to survive that night and ended up together again. – That’s how important love is in our lives.

I remember when I was a young men, (that was a long time ago!) when I met a chick that I thought was beautiful and very sexy, in our first date, when she asked me what I did for a living I used to tell them I was a fisherman. I paid a lot of attention to their answer, as that would signal me if they found me a desirable candidate for their love or not. If they gave me the impression that they were not signaling approval, than that would be my clue to whether they were interested in me or in a man with financial means. Actually I was not lying, because I owned a big fishing enterprise and I did start as a fisherman, and even later on, when the business grew up to a large company, I still went out in one of the boats once in a while to get my hands on the fish again. So I always got just the cream of the crop, for free!

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