Teaching Kids the Basics of Borrowing Cash

Credit, lending, loan and quick money are only some of the things adults experience every day. These financial subjects affect households, businesses and individuals when it comes to acquiring properties such as cars and houses and simple purchases such as groceries and clothing. For adults, it really is but normal to use credit cards every time they take the family out for dinner plus borrow money when a certain buy or payment exceeds that of their own savings.

Borrowing or loaning results to debt but depending on the person’s ability to repay, it could enhance his credit rating which in turn could be used so he is able to loan a bigger amount next time. Unfortunately, these things also contribute to large financial debt and eventually the collapse of an once strong financial.

For kids, they might not be aware of these situations or never fully understand the meaning and importance of the financial subjects. However , kids may be observing and developing in their minds the same ideas when it comes to money plus availing a want. So when may be the right time to educate kids about financial matters? What are the important things to show them in their young age?

The thought of attempting to avail something that is unaffordable and also availing something beyond what a person can afford happens daily in people. They include adults, teenagers and kids alike. At school, kids may choose to purchase tickets but if their allocated fall short of the ticket price, chances are they will ask their parents for extra cash or they may borrow from close friends. Commonly, this is how a lot of people started to get involved with borrowing. They all started small.

Whenever this situation presents itself to parents, this should be taken as an opportunity to educate children regarding the meaning of borrowing money and the importance of savings and living within ones means. With the circumstance aforementioned, parents have a choice.
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They might either give in to the kids’ asking for more money or explain to all of them the meaning and consequences of credit and encourage saving money instead before purchasing their desired item.

Basically, borrowing money could be explained since money given not as a gift but an amount to be repaid back in full together with its corresponding interest. Funding results to debt that if couldn’t become paid on time may result to bigger amount of debt. Then ask the kids, which is better- saving or credit?

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