Dubli Turns Online Shopping Upside Down – Is definitely Dubli the Next eBay? – Cheapest Bid Wins!

There are so many choices today for great online shopping. Through specialty etailers to brick and mortar online stores to online auctions and more. So when you purchase something, how do you know you’re actually getting the best deal?

For many people who are so lucky with having the ability to do online shopping we find it is no more a luxury. In fact , it’s an outright necessity. Usually a local store or even shopping mall does not carry the products that individuals often buy online. And sometimes if they do, some of us shop online for that better or best price, as well as the good feeling that we get when we find that we scored a good deal.

Plus, while 2008 was not the best season for ecommerce online shopping given the particular flurry of economic conditions, eMarketer reports that U. S. retail E-commerce sales for 2008 was at about $136 billion just upward a slight 7. 2 percent from $127 billion in 2007. Plus Amazon had a stellar holiday season marketing 72. 9 items per 2nd, according to Web Pro News.

And, while the U. S. State Division of Commerce starting tracking these statistics since 1999, for many people online shopping with the intent to get the a good deal is a necessary part of our shopping habit.

Although they didn’t see double-digit growth, to me that number tells me individuals are still buying online and that there is opportunity whether you are a buyer or a seller.

At Dubli You Drive Down the cost for a Fun Online Shopping Experience

You understand that there are many ways to find sizzling deals online from closeout retailers to auction houses such as eBay or shops like Amazon. In many cases, you may be buying last year’s model or a discontinued style, color or even make, or a new item that is just at retail or just shy of retail.

As an alternative to the good shopping you can do on eBay and Amazon, there is a way to have a fun buying online experience with Dubli, a great online shopping auction site where you can get great deals that will no other online vendor can match. How? Because the lowest bid wins. Picture if you were able to pay $0 for an item, would you consider that be considered a great online shopping deal?
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I guess it could depend on how much the item is worth to you, right?

Okay, how about a $5, 000 WalMart gift certificate? Somebody recently got it at Dubli regarding $0. That’s a great experience isn’t it?

Or would you pay 20 dollars for an iPod touch rather than retail cost. It depends what is it worth to you, right? (Check out Online Radio job interview to hear how a woman spent $8 to buy a $350 Microsoft X-Box.

You Drive Down the Price

Dubli is an enjoyable shopping portal that is not like eBay It is an online auction shopping site with a ton of fun combined in. Unlike eBay and other on-line auction houses where the highest cost wins, on Dubli, you get great bargain online shopping because you drive the price down. How do you do it?

Easy. When you go to the site, you register for free after which you purchase what are called “Dubli bet credits. ” The product categories vary and you can find electronic products such as iPods, GPS, flat screen TVs; or designer goods such Vuitton bags or motor vehicles such as the Mini or packaged vacations and more.

Just how Bid Credits Work at This Unique Huge Discount Auction

The product information details are given except for the price. The way the Dubli system works is that you use your Dubli “bid credits” when you want to see the actual price is for a product. To view the price, one Dubli credit is used at a cost of. 80 cents or less (depends on how many you buy in a time). Once you view a product, the price is automatically driven down simply by 25 cents.

A Quick Overview about how Dubli Works

o Each simply click “show price” lowers the actual cost

o The price drops in. 25¢ increments

o Each “show price” click costs. 80¢

o When the price is right – just buy this!

So when you have thousands of people putting in a bid on a product, you can see why you acquire it for what you feel the product is worth to you. If you wait too long, someone else can buy the product right from below you. That’s why the bargain to shop online deals on Dubli are at 90% below retail!

Now, that kind of online shopping is fun and exciting and you do not have to drive to eight different shops for a low price. Dubli has a complete of three auction platforms. The one mentioned above, and that I like best, is the “Xpress” option. When I use a bid credit to view the price I choose whether it’s low enough to purchase. I could then decide to watch it or click to buy it.

You can learn read more about the other two auction types after you register at BigDiscountAuction to receive your own F. R. E. E. bet credits. There are items that you can earn for $0, or use your credits to view the price of an item and drive it down.

I know you want to spend less, so I thought I’d bring this excellent online shopping with fun to you.

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