The different Kinds Of Skull Rings

This consumer is spoiled for variety when buying a skull ring. Customized designs are readily available from skilled gold and silversmiths. They are also ready in the wide selection of base metals.

Sterling silver continues its sheen for decades with suitable care. One common theme that buyers like is the cranium and crossbones, commonly associated with pirates around the high seas. Skulls are portrayed as having wings, of putting on bandannas, pirate headgear, ocular areas and other macabre assortments. Some skull rings are depicted with minds, giving them a scarier, edgier look.

A simple solid ring may be a small skull, probably picked out with rubies in the eye sockets or it may be an elaborate affair with many skulls, bounded by intricate carvings or creatures, snakes or ancient characters. Skulls and five-sided shapes are a well-known combination on a great many skull bands.

Famous designers such as Chrome Hearts integrate the symbol of the skull in some of their jewelry collections. Metallic smiths the world over are dedicating substantial efforts to make manufacture new and special skull designs to stay up to date with current market trends.

The current industry gold-standard material used for skull rings can be Sterling silver, but this is not set in stone. Generally a couple of materials are merged into one ring and an old look is going to be used. Jewel makers hand-make their particular designs and put painstaking details to the patterns so that you, the customer, can have an exclusive artwork in the guise of your skull ring. There is a plethora of new rings out there. More than you could actually imagine!

There are two styles of skulls, those that integrate the lower jaw and the ones that do not. The full skull along with jaw intact seems to be more readily available and a more well-known choice, especially amongst ladies. The same thing can be mentioned for opting for the full row associated with teeth as opposed to a more gap-toothed smile of a skull ring that lacks a lower jaw. The guys may well pick the more scary image of a head ring minus the lower jaw and less a few teeth, just for good measure.
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All in all, the look is unquiet, cool and unique.

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