Precisely why Use a Secured Business Credit Card More than Cash Or Cheque?

Several business owners prefer cash or charge for their day to day purchases; however this is most often based on the assumption that they are saving money, that is for the most part false.

Consider how daily cash transactions are conducted, especially in the case of small businesses. You take some money from petty cash, write up a webpage in the expense report, take a client out to lunch or perhaps go to buy some materials. You end up with a pocket full of change. Perhaps you simply hold on to it for the coffee fund, yet small cash wastage like that can add up very quickly! That’s just a slight example; in some cases employees have been known to pocket noticeable amounts of cash.

Checks are even more dangerous to your company’s assets though, particularly if you use them for bill payment purposes via the mail. Often thieves will take mail, sort out the check and alter them to steal potentially 1000s of dollars. Consider the possible consequences when spending money on small things via check that can just as easily be handled remotely with a secured card.

In the end the very best reason to choose secured business bank cards is that you can save your company money and headaches in the long run. The secured option in particular (being based on using your personal funds as collateral in a safety deposit) allows the card to function extremely similarly to a debit account, only with the greater security and simplicity of tracking of other credit cards
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Organic Skin Care – Why Bother?

What is Natural Skin Care?

Natural skin care is generally understood to refer to those products characterised by the absence of synthetic elements, such as preservatives, petrochemical derivatives, mineral oils, fragrances and harsh detergents.

Typically, natural skin care products are created using natural ingredients such as plant oils, essential oils, herbal and flower extracts (both aqueous and waxy), that have been prepared in the “old fashion way”, without chemical processing or modification. Sometimes, ethically produced animal derivatives, such as beeswax, may also be present in natural skin care (1).

Natural skincare made with approved organically produced recycleables and practices can be organic authorized by the relevant organic organizations.

Regrettably, there are numerous products in the market that claims to be either natural or which are cleverly marketed for their singular organic extract or vitamin, amongst the dense cocktail of synthetic components. These are the “pseudo-natural” products (1). To help clarify if a skin care system is really natural, it is recommended to read the constituents section in the label.

Why is natural skin care better than synthetic?
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Products that are made from ingredients that have been extracted normally from sustainably maintained plants and crops manifest the essence, the energy, the qualities and the benefits of the original source raw material, in ways that synthetics ingredients do not.

Simply put, the geographical location, the soil and the water the plants are grown in, along with the sun exposure, the seasons and harvesting times contribute to the mature plant life and crop yields in special ways.

These factors cannot be mimicked in the laboratory or controlled nurseries, as the natural exposure to the environmental conditions facilitates development of subtle differences in the particular plants. These are then reflected within the quality of the extracted oils, as well as on their specific composition, properties plus benefits.

Besides, synthetic ingredients are produced in laboratories using scientific, yet often hazardous processes involving the use of carbon dioxide, propylene glycol or hexane based methods. Although these chemical substance agents may only be present is definitely trace amounts in the final synthesised ingredients, it is unclear what effect they might have as they accumulate for the human body, over a prolonged period of exposure (2).

Of course , some of the natural extracts and oils may also be affected or destabilised by the natural extraction methods utilized in their preparation. For these reasons manufacturers associated with natural skin care products give great consideration to the sourcing of their unprocessed trash and how natural ingredients are prepared from the second option.

What is Special About Plant Oils?

Plant oils are made up of complex mixtures of different fatty acids (lipids). It does not take specific mix and ratio of the fatty acids that determines the unique character of any oil. In addition to the major lipid fraction, there are also other extremely important bioactive substances such as the phospholipids, phosphatides, phytosterols, phytoestrogens, isoflavones and nutritional vitamins. These bioactives are known as the unsaponifiable fraction of the oil. They normally are present is small amounts and are unique signatures of the oils (3).

To demonstrate how the oil composition determines the difference within functional properties, the typical fatty acid user profile of apricot kernel and borage oils as described in Kusmirek (3) are compared below.

1 – Apricot kernel oil is a mixture of 58 – 74% associated with oleic acid, 25 – 30% of linoleic, with the remainder 4 – 7% composed of palmitic, palmitoleic, stearic and alpha-linolenic acids. The unsaponifiable content is approximately zero. 5 -0. 75%.

2 — Borage oil is a mixture of thirty – 40% linoleic acid, almost eight – 25% gamma linolenic acidity, 15 – 20% oleic acid, 9 – 12% palmitic acidity, 3 – 4% stearic acidity, 2 – 6 % eicosenoic acid. The unsaponifiable content can be approximately 1%.

Apricot kernel oil is a great nourishing and emollient oil that is easily absorbed. These qualities are attribute to the high proportions of oleic and linoleic acids. Furthermore, apricot kernel oil can also be an excellent source of vitamin A, present in the particular unsaponifiable matter.

Borage oil is known for its nourishing and penetrating attributes attributed to the presence of linoleic and oleic acids, but in addition the high content of gamma-linolenic acid confers its regenerating and firming qualities.

The differences within the properties of apricot kernel plus borage oils, as well as those of some other oils not discussed here, show the importance to blend various flower oils for optimal skin care, so the skin is adequately fed, continually hydrated, smooth feeling and outfitted to regenerate efficiently. These are essential to promote a healthy skin glow, regardless of age.

But , even if the synthetics natural oils were to reproduce the exact mixes and ratios of plant derived essential fatty acids and unsaponifiables, it would be nearly impossible to mimic into the synthetic oils the particular contribution from the energy that is held in the plant, from which the equivalent oils were extracted. Thus, natural ingredients are very different from their synthetic equivalents.

What about essential oils and other botanicals?

Essential natural oils are concentrated extracts of perfumed and other volatile plant substances, sometimes containing growth factors known for their particular regenerative properties. They are the source of the scents of nature and may be used to add scent to natural items. Because of their concentrated nature and high cost to produce, only small amounts of essential oils are used in natural skin care. Besides, as essential natural oils may be irritating to the skin, they should never be used undiluted.

In contrast to oils, floral/herbal waters are the aqueous components from flowers/plants. Naturally produced natural oils and aqueous extracts are made via distillation, steaming, or infusion techniques. These are slow and often inefficient procedures that add to cost. But , the products generated using non-synthetic approaches are much safer and healthier than those extracted with the use of artificial methods.

Is there a problem with the variation in natural ingredient batches?

The quick answer is NO!

Certainly, naturally produced ingredients show “batch variation”, but this is section of nature, demonstrating the cycles associated with change. These are natural bio- rhythms, and as with everything in character sometimes there is abundant sunshine, other times there are only clouds. Naturally, these weather changes affect the growth designs of the plants.

This means that periodically some of the natural ingredients may contain a slightly higher or lower percentage of one or perhaps several of the components, but over a period of time, these variations balance out. The key point is that the overall effect of using 100 % natural ingredients is still beneficial in the long run.

Supporters from the mainstream cosmetic industry object to this variation associated with natural ingredients. Instead they advocate that synthetic ingredients really are a far better option to manufacture any items, including skin care. They argue that artificial ingredients are scientifically controlled, exacting, standardised and can be made in a totally reproducible manner. But , at the end of the day… they may not be natural!

What about preservatives, stabilisers and emulsifiers?

Sure, preservatives and stabilisers extend the shelf-life of any product, natural and synthetic (1, 2, 4). Because of this recognition Western and USA organic and regulatory organisations have approved the use of particular preservatives for which there has been long standing up accumulation of safety and degree of toxicity data, e. g. blends associated with dehydro-acetic acid. These preservatives were designed to replace the paraben family of preservatives in the personal care products. Even though natural products ought to have the minimum necessary amounts of preservatives.

Without a doubt, chemical preservatives such as the parabens, the phenol derivatives and the denatured alcohols are extremely efficient, as they increase the product shelf-life nearly indefinitely! But , they are also known to interfere with hormone balance and can be allergy (1, 2). Clearly, they are not health promoting substances. As they are readily absorbed by the skin and are long lasting, their long-term effects on distal organs are unknown, and thus unwanted.

Interestingly, vitamin E is a powerful organic anti-oxidant, as well as a fantastic natural additive for oil blends and emulsified oils (2). Extracts of rosemary and oregano are also considered organic preservatives because of their anti-bacterial properties (2). However , these are not frequently used because they impart a strong scent and may give rise to some skin irritation. This is an example of where caution has to be exercised with natural substances. Though these situations are more the exception than the principle.

Alginic acid obtained from brown algae is sometimes used as a stabiliser (4). But , allantoin, an extract from comfrey root is a more suitable organic stabiliser for skin care preparations (2).

Emulsifiers are substances that help to prevent the parting of the of oil and water fractions in a lotion or lotion. In natural skin care these include lethicin and the wax cetearyl alcohol (1, 2, 4). Lecithin is extracted from soya coffee beans and is known to soften the skin and help penetration of the skin care item. Cetearyl alcohol is a mix of the high melting point cetyl and stearyl fatty acids derived from either animal or plant fats. In natural skincare it is preferable to have plant sourced cetearyl alcohol. Apart from its excellent emulsifying properties, this fatty acid blend facilitates maintenance of skin hydration.

Therefore , what’s he take home message?

Irrespective of some of the limitations of natural skin care, the natural ingredients in these products continue to be far more beneficial than those that are completely synthetic. Synthetics are unable to reproduce the unique heterogeneous and nourishing character from the natural extracts and oils, since discussed above.

Technology aside, it is also clear that there are major financial benefits for manufacturers to use mostly, if not strictly synthetic ingredients. The cost of producing natural skin care products is of necessity higher than that of synthesising vast amounts of easy to make and use synthetic ingredients. Compared to their equivalent natural counterparts they afford versatility on the production line, on the shelf-life, as well as on profitability.

These attributes of scientifically designed skin care in the twentieth century satisfied the increasing market desire for youth elixirs. However , since the 1960’s growing conscious awareness of that which was in our food, demand for natural and organic products increased. This requirement extended to the personal care sector furthermore. Indeed, the natural and organic cosmetics marketplace has been the fastest growing industry of the personal care products since the past due 1980’s.

Fortunately nowadays, the driver is not purely for skin care that makes you look good, but for products that can achieve this goal with respect for human beings and the environment.


Pointing Out On Miami Luxury Real Estate Market

I told my friend that Miami’s number isn’t that bad when it comes to Luxury real estate the waterfront properties are stable although he did point out that many wealthy people are discounting their mansions with cutbacks he said that he knows a famous celebrity who decreases almost 14% on the price of the property they are selling. At first I though that it is nothing but when you think about it, 14% is a big number when dealt to millions, since Miami is still one of the most desirable, if not, place to live in Florida, I come to thinking that it might be better to take a closer look on it.

For most people the Luxury real estate market especially in the Miami area are the ones that they think will never going to be shaken. But lo and behold it is showing signs as early as now. People tend to look at this as a bad sign, a sign of unstable market or a sign of a hot and cold weather when it comes to real estate forecast.

It is even unfair to even treat it as that, so my judgment is that the availability of the market’s numbers is the basis of the people’s thoughts.
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Unfair but it’s the way it is we can’t change that not a bit. But for me Miami Luxury Real Estate is still what they are to my eyes. The numbers maybe directing on the other side of the road but if you base it on the potential of the market; well you will be surprised what it can offer.

In my eyes I know that the market has its standards and I know how to understand figures and I know how to consider the numbers in the market, thus making it a must for people to invest in such market with nice numbers, I know that in time we’ll realize what potential lies on the market itself even if the numbers are going in the other side of the fence the basic thought is that Miami is Miami, it’s luxury real estate has potential and it is good I think, what me and my friend are arguing about is about in the same fence anyway. So I think I will reflect on what I believe in, numbers are just figures and it will not affect the resources, the potentials and what the city can offer.

Free of charge Slots Online games and Receiving to Know Online Casinos

Today, there are so many casinos online that it can be a complicated activity to know which types are risk-free, which acknowledge players from the United states of america, and having again to the fundamentals, which types have the greatest game titles.

On the internet Casinos emerged as a feasible sort of leisure on the Web with a several operators opening their digital doorways in 1995. Selections in the earlier ended up confined but now there are pretty much thousands of options to opt for from. For gamers in the United States, this record will get a minimal smaller sized simply because of the rules imposed by the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) but you should not be concerned, there are nonetheless lots of destinations to play.

Are On the net Casinos Safe?

Certainly, about ninety eight% of online casinos are risk-free but just like in any job, you will come across a several lousy apples. To start out with, you want to make certain that the casino is accredited somewhere in the entire world and if they are accredited, they will convey to you on their web site. You also want to make certain that the on line casino runs on top rated-tier software like Rival Gaming or Actual Time Gaming. Rival casinos are all licensed and regulated by the Governing administration of Curacao although RTG casinos have different licenses.

Getting a US Helpful On the internet Casino

Acquiring casinos on the web that provide video games to US players isn’t constantly as easy as it sounds. When the US federal government handed the UIGEA in 2008, the invoice made it very really hard, not to point out unlawful, for monetary establishments to process transactions for online gaming. And even though an on the internet on line casino may possibly be certified someplace in the entire world and operate a genuine small business, the US will not lawfully permit it to operate within its borders. It is significant to observe that it is not unlawful for US citizens to enjoy at online casinos but it is increasingly difficult to make a deposit in a casino. If the on line casino does give online games to US Gamers, rest confident they have discovered a way for you to deposit.
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Cost-free Slots Video games Trials

1 of the great factors about participating in on the web is that you can enjoy quite a few of their video games like slots for free. There are a number of means this can come about. One is that the on line casino will offer you you a absolutely free on line casino token to signal up on their web page. This is a definitely wonderful provide due to the fact with your free of charge dollars, also identified as no deposit bonuses, you can really earn authentic income with no making a deposit. Yet another way to engage in cost-free slots is as a result of specific affiliate internet sites. On the internet casinos in some cases offer you their flash games to sites to give players a style of what is actually on offer you right before they signal up. If you might be not all set to sign up at a on line casino and just want to enjoy totally free slots, this can be completed immediately with just 1 simply click of your mouse.

The Evolution of Tea Strainers

Growing fond of using herbal leaves regarding concoctions, the ancient Chinese devised a modified process by adding a simple accessory: the tea strainer.
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Thus, an incredibly useful tea making tool began its history alongside, of course , the birth of traditional loose leaf tea taking in.

Many people, especially health enthusiasts, around the world have adopted the practice associated with tea drinking owing to its soothing effects and to its deemed health benefits. As a result, many different ways to enjoy the beverage have evolved. Commercially-prepared tea bags have become common since they provided people the convenience of purchasing tea from grocery stores, and allowed the easy preparation of a pot of tea.

Inspite of the widespread use of teabags the majority of people would still state that the loose leaf version of the drink, which is the use of whole or large-cut leaves, continues to be the best. It therefore follows that for many, making a cup of tea will not be proper tea unless they have got used a proper strainer.

A teas strainer is, of course , a tool to prevent large tea leaves from blending with the liquid infusion when it comes to consuming your brew. Spherical in type and perforated, it is usually placed on top or inside of the cup to capture the leaves while the beverage is being poured. There also exists a kind of strainer that can be placed inside the teapot as it is brewed and then removed if it is ready to be drunk.

It is thought that the bamboo tea strainer was the first of its kind. Nowadays, sterling silver, stainless steel and china are the popular materials for making them. The sold product is either coupled with a teapot or with a cup. Seeing that it has cultural value, many collectors have surfaced and antique or vintage tea strainers have popped up online.

It is without a doubt that the pleasure of drinking loose leaf tea simply wouldn’t be as great since it is now if the large leaves remained and if the tea strainer had not been made.

Organic Health Coach is Necessary When Starting to Use Homeopathy

A natural health coach is almost obligatory when you initially look at using homeopathic remedies. Few people are able to learn an entirely new idea from books alone. Most people require a supportive coach to guide them through the maze that normally occurs whenever confronted with new ideas.

The largest hurdle to anything new is to get your mind to accept the idea. Once this has happened, the rest is easy by comparison. For this reason it is estimated that you need to see something seven times, before you start to take notice.

This particular shows you how effective advertising is. Occur to be bombarded with the same idea before you accept it as true, whether it be or not.

But this also means you tend to reject new things, regardless of how great they are. And humans do seem to prefer to remain in their comfort zone, with no excitement to jolt them out of it.

So , well done for having got this far. You know enough about homeopathy to want to know more. And you realise that a coach is necessary.

You need someone to consider for advice when you get stuck, because when learning something new, you’ll get repeatedly stuck. It’s just the nature of the game.

Many people plug by themselves into repeated and regular homeopathic consultations and gradually learn that way. And that is excellent for your health. However , you may not realise that there is another choice open to you.

You can learn to use some of the common homeopathic remedies at home. Homeopathy can be flexible enough to provide these two choices for complete health care.

Both have their advantages. Professional help is essential for complicated, chronic or serious health problems. But home prescribing is also invaluable, and can help you save so much, not just in money rescued, but in time wasted. Not to mention much better health.

Find a natural health trainer you can work with to learn quickly and easily.

Do you want to learn more about natural good health, in particular homeopathy? Download my free report ‘An Introduction to Some Common Homeopathic Remedies’ here: Good Health Naturally

Wise Used Car Shopping – Part 1

Buying used car is not something the average person intends to do very often or at least not as much as he or she goes out grocery shopping.
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If you go out buying while hungry you may buy things that you don’t need, on the other hand if you go out purchasing without a list, the odds are that you will be going to get home and figure that you simply forgot to buy something. I can associate that to shopping for used vehicles, you have to do your homework, preparation plus brainstorming to achieve he best results.

Bay Area Casino Tours \u00bb Limousine in San FranciscoYou need to engage in smart used car purchasing.

The very first thing you need to do is decide on an amount that you can manage to pay, or invest in the car. If you are paying cash then decide on a maximum amount that you could afford to spend on this given vehicle, without hurting you future monetary and saving plans. This is essentially done by determining a budget. If you are to finance the purchase, after that determine a down payment, and a payment per month affordable even in the worst economic scenario. You do not want to end along with reposition risks.

A common rule is that your monthly car payment should not be over 20 percent of your monthly revenue after rent or mortgage. I suggest that you get a pre-approval for th financing before you start shopping, this would prevent from uncertainty, and roadblocks. It is extremely critical for you to know what you can pay for ahead of time.

Car marketplace in UAE to buy and sell used and brand-new cars or post free car ads to sell your car in minutes. Car classified in Dubai to purchase used car online

Generating the Most of Your On line On line casino Bonus

If you are contemplating of signing up with an on-line on line casino, make assured you signal with one particular individual that has a wonderful indicator-up reward. So numerous of the extremely best casinos have these that there is no purpose to indicator with a web page that does not. Ordinarily, the on line casino reward is a proportion of your first deposit whole when you established up an account. Some deposit bonuses are as generous as 200%. That implies if you deposited $a single hundred, the on line casino would give you a $two hundred free reward on main of that initial deposit. Best bonuses normally get there at hundreds of pounds. Some no deposit casinos will even present you a bonus that you can use even if you have no bankroll at all.

The very first question on most people’s minds is regardless of whether or not they can recognized up an account, make a deposit, and then withdraw the bonus. The answer is no, predominantly mainly because if you could do this, we could possibly all have a tremendous easy way to enrich our money! All casinos have wagering technical specs for cashing out a reward, and these fluctuate some from just one put to the upcoming. Typically the treatments for becoming in a position to challenging cash out your reward are distinct from the treatments the exact on line on line casino normally takes benefit of for cashing out frequent winnings, so browse the reward playthrough stipulations beforehand so you know what you have to do.
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There are some procedures to support you get the most from your on the internet on line casino reward. First off, if a on line on line casino allows hedging bets all by way of your reward playthrough necessity, take obtain! Guess on similarly purple and black with roulette to enhance your wager and lower possibility. Sad to say, the wide bulk of bonus methods do not let you to hedge bets as part of your playthrough prerequisite.

Your upcoming most productive system for assembly your bonus necessity is to determine on a video game with a nominal house edge. Craps and Pai Gow poker are two good selections. Getting games with the minimum high-priced home edges tends to make it a great deal a lot more most probable you will arise out in progress right after you have bought fulfilled your reward wagering conditions. Also retain in intellect that loads of internet websites do not make it possible for precise activity titles to depend toward your reward playthrough, so go as a result of the bonus insurance policies to be completely positive which movie games rely. Regretably, a large amount of them hardly ever make it possible for you to have interaction in blackjack as element of your reward requirement. Blackjack has some of the the very least costly household edges.

Some net casinos have what are known as “sticky” bonuses, which flip out to be a component of your account harmony, but which will not be equipped to be cashed out individually from your regular dollars. What these do is mainly lengthen your savoring time, but that can be a great matter if you have a huge receive. If you get hold of your self receiving get rid of your whole deposit and are collaborating in with definitely practically nothing but the sticky income, then you may possibly effectively as quite well wager huge, due to the fact it truly is the house’s revenue you may be getting component in with.

One particular point you should really in no way attempt out to do is to indicator up under a selection of names with a casino in order to try to get various bonuses. Casinos are genuinely terrific at figuring out when folks do this, and if they capture you (which is really most most likely) you will be banned. Bonuses are rather generous at website casinos, so know what the rules are and make the most of them.

Tests de pénétration des applications Web – Mesures de sécurité – Évaluation de la sécurité

1. Introduction

Qu’est-ce qu’une application Web?
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Pourquoi les applications Web sont la première cible des pirates? Pourquoi des vulnérabilités se produisent dans les applications Web? Comment faire d’une application Web un portail de guérison. Si je comprends bien, une application Web est un portail disponible sur Internet pour le grand public qui peut facilement l’utiliser positivement à des fins différentes ou pour la raison pour laquelle l’application Web existe. Vous devez être conscient que les applications Web sont la cible facile d’accès pour les pirates, car ils sont accessibles au public, et un pirate n’a besoin de connaître que le nom de l’organisation qu’il souhaite pirater. La vulnérabilité est la faiblesse ou le manque de contrôle existant dans l’application. Les vulnérabilités peuvent être dues à une programmation non sécurisée dans les applications Web, au manque de lieux de contrôle d’accès ou configurés, à une mauvaise configuration des applications et du serveur ou pour toute autre raison, il n’y a pas de limite.

Il existe de nombreuses façons de durcir votre application Web ou votre serveur Web, nous en discuterons dans un moment. Voyons quelles sont les exigences clés qui composent une application Web en direct?

une. Serveur Web

b. Contenu de l’application affiché

c. Et ou bases de données

Ce sont les composants clés de toute application Web.

Le serveur Web est un service qui s’exécute sur l’ordinateur et sert de contenu Web / contenu d’application. Ce serveur écoute généralement sur le port 80 (http) ou sur le port 443 (https). Il existe de nombreux serveurs Web librement disponibles ou commerciaux, y compris les principaux contributeurs

une. I.I.S par Microsoft

b. Apache par la communauté open source

c. Tomcat etc

Le contenu d’application est ce que vous voyez sur le site Web, il peut être dynamique ou statique, le contenu dynamique contenant des applications Web est plus à risque que le contenu statique contenant des applications Web. Le contenu dynamique contenant des applications Web utilise une base de données pour stocker le contenu changeant. Cette base de données peut être l’un des types suivants.

une. Serveur MySql

b. SQL Server

c. Serveur Oracle

ré. MS Access ou tout autre

Nous avons beaucoup discuté de l’architecture des applications Web. Je vais maintenant vous montrer comment effectuer une pénétration sur une application Web (ce que nous appelons un Pen-test).

2. Collecte d’informations

Aucun test de plume ne peut être accompli sans effectuer la phase de collecte d’informations. C’est la phase qui est au cœur du test de stylo, il existe de nombreuses façons de faire la collecte d’informations permet de discuter ici.

une. Piratage avec les moteurs de recherche.

Je ne citerais pas de moteur de recherche spécifique pouvant être utilisé dans la phase de collecte d’informations, il existe de nombreux moteurs de recherche qui sont plus puissants à partir desquels des informations secrètes / confidentielles peuvent être collectées. Il existe des techniques que vous pouvez utiliser pour collecter des informations sur la cible.

b. Par exemple

Vous pouvez utiliser ‘inurl:’ dans les moteurs de recherche pour connaître la carte complète du site du portail Web, vous pouvez également utiliser intitle: admin pour accéder au panneau d’administration du portail Web, vous pouvez utiliser inurl: Admin filetype: asp ou aspx afin de rechercher des pages de connexion administrateur ou simplement vous pouvez verrouiller la page de connexion pour n’importe quel portail.

c. Vous pouvez également rechercher l’adresse e-mail du personnel technique, l’adresse e-mail affiche l’ID utilisateur de cette personne spécifique

ré. Vous pouvez également utiliser les archives pour plus d’informations à collecter. Ceci est la courte liste des techniques, pour expliquer plus j’écrirais un livre

3. Attaques

Ici, je vais vous expliquer quelles sont les principales attaques que les pirates utilisent sur les applications Web ou les attaques dangereuses pour les applications Web. Nous ne discuterons que des vulnérabilités et des attaques au niveau de l’application.

une. Vous avez manqué la configuration? Si vous êtes un technicien, votre priorité serait la disponibilité de votre serveur, votre direction devrait vous demander le temps de disponibilité de 100% de votre serveur, c’est le point où le personnel technique a laissé des failles de sécurité dans la configuration juste pour le faire vivre ou afin de donner 100% de temps comme indiqué. Cette configuration manquée peut conduire à la compromission du serveur complet.

Exemples: mots de passe par défaut, paramètres par défaut du serveur, mots de passe plus faibles.

b. Injection SQL? Une attaque de très haut niveau qui peut conduire à une compromission complète du serveur Web ou à un accès de niveau administratif complet au pirate. SQL est un langage de requête que les programmeurs utilisent pour interroger le contenu de la base de données dans les applications Web dynamiques. Plusieurs fois, un programmeur moins expérimenté a laissé des bogues dans les applications qui, si un attaquant le découvrait, pouvaient être très dangereux. Les attaques par injection SQL se produisent en raison d’une faiblesse dans la validation des entrées, d’une programmation non sécurisée ou en raison d’une architecture d’application Web non sécurisée. L’injection SQL peut être utilisée pour contourner les connexions, obtenir un accès de niveau administrateur, peut être très nuisible si un pirate a accès aux connexions administrateur. L’attaque ‘UNION’ par injection SQL est couramment utilisée dans les tests de pénétration d’applications Web dynamiques. Il y a plus de choses qui peuvent être écrites sur l’injection SQL, je pense que cette information est plus que suffisante à ce stade.

Mobile Apps for Business – Le pouvoir est dans le PUSH

Vous songez à lancer une application mobile pour votre entreprise? Si pas maintenant quand?

Il est maintenant temps de surfer sur cette vague d’opportunités.

En tant qu’entrepreneurs et propriétaires d’entreprise, nous savons tous que pour rester compétitif sur le marché actuel, vous devez positionner votre entreprise afin de profiter des nouvelles tendances. Le marketing mobile n’est PAS dans le futur, c’est MAINTENANT!

Saviez-vous que les statistiques montrent que les consommateurs mobiles ont leur téléphone ou leurs appareils mobiles à moins de 3 pieds d’eux 23 heures par jour? Pensez simplement à l’opportunité qui se présente à vous d’avoir votre entreprise sur votre appareil mobile client ou prospect 23 heures par jour / 365 jours par an? Maintenant que mes amis sont ce que j’appelle OPPORTUNITÉ! Je ne connais aucun autre support marketing ayant le même pouvoir pour attirer instantanément l’attention sur votre marché cible.

Selon vous, quelle est la réponse moyenne ou le taux d’ouverture aujourd’hui avec l’email marketing? À moins que vous n’ayez une liste très réactive et active, vous ne verrez que 4% à 9% de taux d’ouverture dans les 24 à 48 premières heures après avoir appuyé sur le bouton d’envoi. Des messages push ou texte mobiles sont vus et ouverts 97% du temps dans les 4 premières minutes. Maintenant c’est impressionnant! Pensez simplement à votre propre comportement mobile, ou regardez simplement autour de vous.

Les consommateurs s’attendent à ce que chaque «marque» dispose d’une application à télécharger et à accéder sur son appareil mobile.

On nous pose souvent la question: “Pourquoi devrais-je avoir une application mobile?” Voici quelques raisons pour lesquelles vous devriez en avoir un:

Renforce la fidélité des clients. Tout le monde aime se sentir inclus dans quelque chose de spécial, alors faites en sorte que les clients se sentent comme des VIP en offrant des remises, des coupons et des promotions uniquement pour utiliser et télécharger l’application.
Crée un buzz viral. Encouragez les clients à utiliser l’application mobile pour informer rapidement tous leurs amis de l’entreprise en utilisant les capacités de partage intégrées de Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, votre blog, SMS et e-mail.
Augmentez les listes de clients. Une application mobile peut recueillir des noms et des adresses e-mail directement depuis l’application et les exporter facilement dans les meilleurs services de campagne de marketing par e-mail pour les utiliser dans des e-mails supplémentaires.
Obtenez une rétroaction instantanée. Les applications mobiles permettent aux clients de laisser des commentaires sur les murs des fans, de partager des photos et d’envoyer des commentaires de diverses manières.
Qu’est-ce qu’une application? Une application est une application qui doit être téléchargée et installée sur un appareil mobile, plutôt que d’être rendue dans un navigateur. Les utilisateurs visitent des portails spécifiques aux appareils tels que l’App Store d’Apple et Android Google Play Market afin de trouver et de télécharger des applications pour un système d’exploitation donné. Une application offre un engagement interactif avec les utilisateurs et fonctionne plus comme un programme informatique qu’un site Web.

L’application peut extraire du contenu et des données d’Internet, de la même manière qu’un site Web, ou elle peut télécharger le contenu afin qu’il soit accessible sans connexion Internet.

On prévoit qu’à la mi-2012, plus de personnes auront accès à Internet sur leurs appareils mobiles que sur les PC.
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Dans cet esprit, on ne peut pas assez souligner l’importance de voir son entreprise ou son service correctement sur toutes les différentes plates-formes mobiles, sinon vous perdrez des affaires.

Quelle meilleure façon pour votre entreprise de rester en contact avec vos clients qu’avec votre propre application mobile personnalisée!

Avez-vous des clients et des clients avec lesquels vous souhaitez communiquer et rester en contact? Si oui, quelle est la meilleure façon de le faire et d’obtenir des résultats réactifs? Le choix est clair grâce aux applications mobiles.

J’ai rassemblé mes dix meilleurs conseils pour garantir le succès de votre application: