Renting a Car in Spain – Travel Guide

Hiring a car in Spain is not cheapest of options available but it is surely the most easy method of travel. The basic of carrental may cost more then a bus ticket or train along with what you invest in petrol and road tolls but it is essential if you want to explore the Spanish cities to depth, especially if you’re planning traveling hard to reach regions such as Rias Bajas, Alpujarras or three encircling Tarifa and Cadiz.
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It is important to come with an international driving permit or an international driver’s license in order to rent a car vacation. International driving permit is basically a certificate that authorizes driver to drive anywhere in the world and verifies that the car owner license is not forged. You can get your own driving license translated to multiple The spanish language languages so that officers of different locations can identify your information. This is just possible if you have an international driving allow and the certificate is slightly bigger in size than standard driver’s license. The particular certificate is generally issued for a season.

Make sure that you qualify minimum requirements for car rental in Spain. You have to be over 21 years of age with a passport and a main credit card (MasterCard, Visa or United states Express). All this will be required once you pick up the vehicle.

You can visit websites of numerous travel companies such as Expedia, Travelocity etc . which can arrange car reservations to suit your needs. The rental charges get immediately converted into your country’s currency. This way you’ll be easily able to understand the charging. You can also go directly to car rental corporations that have international service such as Europcar, Hertz, Budget, Alamo or Avis. These companies arrange car rental services inside Spain over the phone.

There are a lot of carrental agencies which would allow you to allocate flyer miles in turn of car rental. You can even ask for loyalty discounts. You’ll need to pick the dates of when you would want the vehicle to pick you up and fall you at locations. A lot of people choose to be picked at the airport for convenience.

Making reservations for airline, accommodation rental and car rental at the same time is definitely convenient and will help you in easy relationship. Make sure that you have all the relevant paperwork that is required in Spain such as proof of insurance (need to be provided by car rental company) and so forth

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